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Deep tissue massage

Cosmetic deep tissue massage is an intensive form of massage aimed to stimulate the underlying fibers of the skin. These can be applied to both the face and body.

By firmly massaging the skin the blood circulation is improved and waste can be disposed of quickly. This will stimulate the production of collagen and the skin looks younger, smoother and firmer.

DermaCenter advises tissue massage in the following situations:

  • Wrinkles, fading due to accelerated metabolism of the skin
  • Acne, improve skin resistance
  • Scars less visible through skin rejuvenation
  • Smokers pale skin, get a healthy complexion by improving circulation
  • Sagging skin after weight loss or pregnancy - produce new connective tissue
  • Local fat deposits, drainage of fluid and waste
  • Cellulite, loose massaging subcutaneous adhesions
  • Poor circulation, smoother skin and firmer contours
  • Aftertreatment of liposuction or liposculpture

Deep Tissue Massage is offered as a separate one-time treatment, but the effects are barely visible. The first results are to be expected after 6-8 times with weekly treatment. How many treatments are really needed will depend on the nature and severity of the symptoms and the desired effect.

This treatment can be booked separately for 30 minutes or during your Dermalogica treatment.

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